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My name is Andrea and I love Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin are my loves ♥ THG changed my life .Jennifer Lawrence showed me that you do not need filters . My poets are Lana Del Rey and Lorde ♔




Jam Hutcherflin interviewed by Josh Horowitz

Josh Horowitz: Any resentment that mr. Efron stole your shirtless performance?

Sam: No, d’you know why? Cause I…

Josh: Have you seen that body?

Sam: I couldn’t have done that, you know what I mean?

Josh: ♫ Girl look at that body, girl look at that body

Sam: I haven’t got the confidence to do that. The thing is I don’t know if he’d already prepared that or what. I mean, that guy…

Josh Horowitz: He’s always ready to do that.

Sam: Put it this way…

Josh: He’s ready every moment.

Sam: I had a few days off, you know what I mean?

I can hear him weeping but I don’t care. They probably won’t even bother to question her, she’s so far gone. Gone right off the deep end years ago in her Games. There’s a good chance I’m headed in the same direction. Maybe I’m already going crazy and no one has the heart to tell me. I feel crazy enough. 

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make me choose meme: music videos

anonymous asked: come & get it or we can’t stop

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"Remember who the real enemy is”

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What do you guys like about working together?

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It’s important to have a good relationship with yourself when you become well known. People will say a lot of things, and you’ll start to wonder if they’re true. But then you have to go back to all of those little truths and kernels you found along the way that remind you: You are where you’re supposed to be.

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